Monday, 8 March 2010

Comedic Toddler

Toddler thinks she's funny.

Whilst eating dinner at the table conversation went something like this:

Toddler: Poo.
Me: Have you done a Poo?
Toddler: No. Poo. Hahahaha
Me: What about Poo?
Toddler: Eat Poo. Hahahahaha
Me: Eat Poo? You want to eat Poo?
Toddler: Yeh, eat Poo Hahahahaha

I have no idea where that came from!

She also gets me to sing the CBeebies Happy Birthday song to the dog (which can be understood), to the Chocolate cake, to the laptop and to Mario from Super Mario World on the Wii.

All of which she finds hilarious.

Crazy, crazy child!


  1. It could always be worse... I caught Charlie with his hands in his nappy the other day trying to do just that. Not a pleasant sight (or smell!)...

  2. Oh no!
    I really would not know what to do other then scream in horror if I saw her do that!
    How did you handle? I bet alot better then I would :)