Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Lurgies

I have been suffering in various forms with the Lurgies for 1 week now, and have had to also deal with Toddler suffering with a fever her own version of course. She has been better for the past 2 days, I have not and have had enough.


I have not been out of the house since Monday and am very fed up.


It is my 30th Birthday this Saturday and we had planned a lovely trip to London visiting sites and being all touristy.
Lurgies please please 'go way' (as Toddler would put it) so I can have a nice Birthday.


The mist creeps back in casting it's shadow of nothingness over all that should be covered with warm bright sunshine. It isolates me from what I love and saps my passion for this world leaving me fantasising on how to escape.
Bohemian Rapsadoy plays over and over in my mind for it is now I understand that nothing really maters at all.