Thursday, 4 November 2010

Parenthood Stuff

I have always tried to be the best parent I could by giving my children the best childhood possible. 

This will of course mean different things to different people, but to me it means my children being truly content and having high self esteem.

And all of a sudden it's hit me, this parenthood stuff.

The level of responsibility and devotion that goes into raising well adjusted human beings has started to overwhelm me and I am often left wondering at the end of the day if I get any of it right. 

I wonder if I have given them enough love, laughter, stimulation, encouragement, food, positivity, fulfillment or value.

You see, I really do love my children and as a SAHM I believe it's my job to give them everything they need and when at the end if the day I think back to how the day has gone, I feel extremely disheartened if I have failed them by shouting or not doing enough with them. 

I have had many a nights of feeling disheartened since Baby's arrival as I have not been able to give my all to Toddler which I was once upon a time able to.

This left Toddler extremely frustrated and her tantrums went through the roof and at the time I felt lost as common practices of time outs were just not making a difference.

I spoke to my new lovely Health Visitor about this who recommended me onto a Parenting course run by my local Sure Start center, which we have been on for the past 5 weeks, and it has made a World of difference
to our family life and especially to Toddlers.

The Parenting course's main philosophy is building relationships through play and how to do so in the best way.
At first I was defensive and thought "I know how to play with my child, what a load of old crap!". And as the course went on I was a bit more like "ahhh, I see!".

The course taught and made me aware of Play techniques such as giving undivided attention for at least 10 minutes a day, and when playing how to allow the child to lead by not asking any questions during play (which is much harder then it sounds) which in turn gives the child freedom of exploration.

Much of the course is about Positive Parenting which I love the concept of, but admit that putting into practice is not as easy as it sounds.

The Parenting course has definitely made me a better Parent which is something I will always continue to work on as I wish to give my children the best childhood possible.

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