Friday, 7 May 2010

Due Date Came & Went

Baby's due date silently came and went without any fuss.  I had only one phone call to ask if I was OK (which I am grateful for) and spent the majority of the day very uneventfully in bed surfing the net.

My only source of excitement yesterday was that I had a wonderful session of reflexology using Clary Sage essential oil, allowing me and hour of complete downtime which gave me a chance to concentrate on my body, and I think I may have had mild contractions or strong Braxton Hicks.

The pain was in my lower back coming and going, and was accompanied by the usual tummy tightenings that I've been having for the past month.

Still nothing concrete enough to say I am actually in any kind of labour, so I shall continue to potter around the house until Baby decides it's time to put in appearance.

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