Saturday, 1 May 2010

39 Weeks + 2

With given due date in sight I am giddy with excitement that I shall partly be getting my body back (I'd like to breastfeed) and most of all be meeting my Baby!


I'm hoping that I shan't go to over due, however I don't really have many labour symptoms apart from niggly back pains and annoying strong Braxton Hicks that do take my breath away and wake me up in the night, which I think are mainly brought on due to my taking of Raspberry Tea Leaf Tablets.

Oh and for the last couple of days I'm eating as if there's no tomorrow.

I'm also very bored.

I'm bored of sitting around the house dreaming of aimless tasks to give myself to do (the housework) and going for walks has lost it's appeal as the waddle factor truly has taken over giving passerby's something to humor at no matter what speed I go.

Fingers crossed that Labour will run smoothly

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