Thursday, 29 April 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday my Dear Daughter.

Yes I am late in posting but not when we celebrated your 2nd Birthday.

On your Birthday Pappa made you a delicious Chocolate Peppermint birthday cake starting at around 6 in the morning so it would be baked for when you woke, whilst I hurriedly huffed and puffed at blowing and arranging Pink Balloons all around the kitchen for you.

When you awoke and stumbled downstairs to greet us with your just out of bed crazy hair and squinty morning eyes, you were so happy to see us and so happy to see your Balloons!  You immediately ran over to the balloons pulling them off the wall and began playing with them.

I gave you your breakfast of Weetabix while Pappa took the dog for a walk, and on his return Pappa dressed you and we sat at the table and you opened your Birthday cards and Presents which you loved doing and were able to do a great deal on your own!  Very impressed :)

We took you to the temple for your Birthday Blessings and made our way to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park.

You had such fun!  I was not able to join you on the rides so Pappa sat with you on the Helicopter ride, the Car ride and the Carasole.

Next you ran riot at the indoor soft play, and after enjoyed seeing animals at the Zoo section.

Before we knew it, it was home time. You slept in the car and little at home before your Aunties and Uncles descended all bearing lovely Birthday Presents for you!

We cut your yummy Birthday cake where you LOVED blowing out your Birthday candles and you made Pappa relight them a few times!

After a very long wonderful day you finally got to fall asleep at around 10:30.

Happy Birthday Toddler, we Love you very much

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