Friday, 19 March 2010

All is Forgiven

Toddler was in a foul mood yesterday.

Took her out to playgroup in the morning where she played beautifully until singing time where she decided to vent out at other innocent toddlers by kicking and hitting (luckily no contact was made), so I decided to end play time and take her home.
Whilst opening the car door I set her down on the pavement and she decides that it would be oh so cleaver to run across the road and run down the pavement.

NEVER has she done this before and it shocked me. I managed to get her back and force her into the car seat to lots of wails and crys of 'Go away Mama' & 'Hit Mama'.
She falls asleep all of 5 minutes and then refuses lunch or her regular nap.

I thankfully had a doctors appointment that afternoon and escaped by leaving her with hubby who was at home that day. He filled me in of all the fun he had with her and I wisely keep my thoughts of 'thank God I didn't have to deal with her' to myself.

This morning she wakes at 6AM playing with my nose, talking to herself and radiates me with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

My heart melts.

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