Saturday, 23 January 2010

I need Space

Having not really enjoyed this pregnancy at 25 weeks pregnant I am on countdown to when I can have my body back. I would like to breastfeed again but I am filled with dread when I think of somthing constantly attached to my breast draining me of all my energy and the goodness that my body needs.

I breastfeed toddler untill she was 15.5 months old and addmitadly it was me that didn't want to stop. I was afraid at how she would react at being denied her comfort and I was afraid that our realtionship would change and she wouldn't want me anymore.
I couldn't have been more wrong. It took around 4 days for her to be weaned off and she still loved me :)

So why am I so afraid to breastfeed this time around? I know the benefits for baby and me, and of course the wonderful closeness we will experiance.

I think I miss being me pre motherhood and pre wifehood.
I miss working.
I miss having my own money.
I miss being able to do what ever I want (within reason)
I miss using my brain (organisng dinner, housework or what toddler will wear do not count)
I miss my old life.

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