Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Belly gettin Bigger!

This baby is starting to grow! For the last few nights I have needed a night time wee, my size 12 maternity clothes are getting tight, I have that 'full' feeling even though it's not about food and I'm starting to waddle....ahhh the joys of pregnancy sheer bliss...


  1. Waddling is fine, it's it while you can get away with it, do it with attitude!
    Work that waddle!
    (sorry I'm getting carried away)

  2. haha all I need is some yellow feathers to stick onto my growing behind & Toddler will want me in the bath with her!

  3. Or even!
    Waddle it just a little bit,
    I wanna see you waddle it...yeh baby!

    (I think I'm funny you see...)