Friday, 11 December 2009


Rather ashamedly we have only just got our almost 20 month old toddler into her own bed and her own room.


"I wish we had done this sooner" I tell everyone. I can now lie comfortably in my own bed without being kicked in the head several times a night.

What I don't tell everyone is how heartbreaking it is for me and hubby to hear her cry and call out for us through the night, leading to me and hubby arguing on the best way to handle.

I think we should let her cry it out with her learning to self soothe. He thinks that by picking her up in the middle of the night and bringing her to our bed will get her to sleep.

Errrr no.

Hubby spent the early hours of this cold, cold morning sleeping on the sofa.

Lets hope tonight goes better!

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